Quick tips for selling vintage jewellery and stuff online….

Tips for selling vintage jewelry fashion online

Here are some quick tips I’ve compiled about selling vintage items and jewellery online….

  • Try and make life as easy for customers as possible by writing clear, detailed descriptions; the best listings are to the point with the good photos.  The worst listing that I’ve ever saw had simply said, Nice ring, don’t know  size but it fits my finger if that’s any help….
purple quartz amethyst modernist cocktail ring

What’dya mean you want a ring size?

  • Be honest in the description – if you item has damage (even if it’s only a bit, or is old) then it’s always best to say so; it often won’t put that many people off anyway and they’ll appreciate the honesty. Expect poor reviews and annoyed customers if you are too vague with your descriptions and condition reports.
repair vintage 1960s glass paste diamante bracelet

Stones missing? Run away without a backwards glance from any seller that says damage like this is normal for vintage jewellery.

  • If you’ve had a bad experience with a customer (it happens to everyone at some stage) then try not to have a knee jerk reaction to it, no matter how angry you are.  This means not filling your future listings with retaliatory bitter rantings/ unreasonable terms and conditions to ‘protect yourself’ from scammers.  It won’t work – con artists will try to scam you regardless, and you’ll simply put off the good customers.
  • Offer a friendly no quibble refund policy (in most cases it’s the law anyway) – it keeps potential customers happy if they know they can get a hassle free refund if needed.
  • Post items out as quickly as possible.  There’s nothing worse than buying something on a Monday, only for it to take a week to arrive.  Customers love fast shipping, and are more likely to choose your business again if they know an item will be shipped quickly.
  • Package items well, especially jewellery, crafts and clothes.  Lovely packaging can be the difference between a satisfactory customer experience and a fantastic customer experience.
vintage heathergems boxed jewellery brooch scottish thistle

Quality packaging = we care about our customers.

  • If I don’t know much about an item I’m selling, then I’ll always say so, and encourage potential buyers to ask questions.  It’s better to do this than guess about the item, end up being completely wrong and having to issue a refund.
  • Take good, clear and bright photographs – use free photo software to help you adjust things like brightness (most computers/ laptops etc come with this as standard) or you can find free one’s online (like Picmonkey). You would not believe how many people take dark, blurry photos of their products, and then wonder why their items don’t sell.
crap photos

Nope, can’t see a thing .. next!

And the final tip? Enjoy your selling adventure’s, and if it stops being fun, then give it a rest for a while 🙂



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