The Jewellery Muse is written by Nikki, a jewellery enthusiast who’s been collecting vintage and antique jewellery since the 1990s. Whether old collectibles or modern costume, gemstone or local artisan handmade, the Muse is passionate about all jewellery, and celebrates it here.

















  1. Good evening, I have come across a reference (on a FB genelogy list) to “chains and Victorias” in the context of mourning jewellery. It’s from an 1872 letter referring to items sent to a bereaved woman for her to select suitable mourning jewellery. I am unable to find out what a Victoria might be (as opposed to Victorian jewellery in general) and I wondered if you might be able to help? Many thanks Sian

    1. Hi,

      How fascinating, I’ve never heard of a ‘Victoria’ before and like you cannot find anything about them. If I do came across anything, I’ll certainly let you know 🙂

  2. I found a pin/brooch I think it quite old probably not valuable glass stone I think as it is scratched.
    I have pictures I can send

  3. hi! i have a braclet my husband gave me-ithink it is vintage. it has filigree squares, and in the middle of each square is a cameoof a woman…but each cameo is different-no 2 are the same…they are linked together, andi am unsure ofthe metal. it is the old-fashioned bracelet clasp….there are no maker marks-as far as i can see. i would love to find out who made it and how old it is…also what metal is used-i wonder if it is white gold or sterling….i am hesitant to clean it until i know what kind of metal it is, and any other info-i don’t want to damage it….any help, any idea where to start looking ..i would be so grateful! thank you


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