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Rose gold jewellery returns..

Vintage 9k 9ct rose pink gold chain bracelet jewelry hallmarked

9k rose gold triple chain bracelet

Also known as pink gold, rose gold jewellery has made a subtle comeback over the past few years, and it’s popularity is set to soar as people re-discover its breathtaking beauty.

Vintage black enamel rose pink gold chain bracelet jewelry

Vintage 1970s rose gold and black enamel chunky chain bracelet

Solid gold is soft yellow metal, so all gold jewellery has to be alloyed (ie, mixed with other metals) to strengthen it for normal use (you can find out more about gold colour alloys here). Rose gold is made by mixing pure gold with copper; the more copper used, the stronger the pink colour.  All colours of gold (even the fancy ones such as green gold, blue gold and purple gold) come in the normal finesse’s – 9k, 14k, 18k and rare 22k gold, which is known as crown gold.

While rose gold has never completely disappeared from the fine jewellery world, it does have a habit of coming into fashion and then falling out again. It was at its most popular during the Victorian era (where it was sometimes known as Russian Gold due to the influential Russian aristocracies love of it), but then was gradually replaced with a trend of white gold/ white precious metals by the 1920s. Though produced throughout the 20th century, rose gold never seemed to catch on in quite the same way again.A look at the latest fine jewelers collections reveals interesting amounts of rose gold in their creations. It began with rose gold accents in watches a few years ago, and seems to have gradually filtered into the rest of the jewelers designs. Will it be a fad? Or is rose gold back to stay?

Vintage Russian white yellow rose pink gold chain bracelet bangle tri color band jewelry

Russian style tri-colour bangle, made with white, yellow and pink gold tone metal.

Vintage 1980s rose gold pink drop earrings clip on jewelry

Vintage rose gold clip on chain drop earrings