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  1. i found a necklace-it is a beaded/painted gold-and in between beas are these ‘faces/heads’-they are painted black face with white demarcation around the lips and eyes-and wearing some sort of red ‘crown’ the beas are painted gold and black-any ideas what it is?

  2. I have a gutta percha locket that the hinge has so broken pieces I would like to get it repaired. Do you have any idea how or where to get this done.

    1. This is a tricky one – if it were me, I’d probably search for a proper specialist antique and second hand jewellery shop and get their opinion; I would think they’d also be the best to repair it too, as they probably deal with old item damage like this more often than standard jewelers. If it’s irreparable, there are jewelers who would be able to create a ‘reworked’ piece of jewellery out your locket (eg, make it into a pendant, or focal for a bracelet). Jewelers who are on Etsy.com are known for doing custom services like this, so you could leave a message on their community forum boards explaining your predicament, which would alert sellers to help you 🙂

  3. I have my grandfather’s watch that has an omega sign (san inverted horse shoe) with 14K and then an O following that. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I would appreciate any guidance you may offer.
    The watch is from 1939.
    Thank you.

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