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Costume jewellery by Marks and Spencers ( M and S) … A future collectable?

Marks and spencer glass paste necklace jewelry

Sparkling blue glass rhinestone necklace in gunmetal coated metal, by M and S

I’m always checking out modern high street costume jewellery, and to be honest I’m often not particularly impressed; a lot of it looks cheap, feels cheap, is cheap, and has little imagination to the design.

There are exceptions of course. ‘Next’ have some lovely, good quality jewellery, as does BHS.  But for me, one of the best is Marks and Spencer – even if you don’t like the clothes, the jewellery is well worth checking out.

Marks and spencer glass oplaite necklace jewelry

Moonstone glass opalite paste stone necklace by M and S

Being a vintage jewellery lover, I spend a lot of my time rummaging through boxes of used jewellery from auctions and second hand shops.  And you can always tell an M and S piece straight away, due to the high quality of design and workmanship.  M and S rhinestones and pastes are nearly always made from heavy glass and securely prong set, which for me is one of the most important things a good jewellery design should have.  Plastic rhinestones look so cheap, and don’t last.  Glass rhinestones sparkle beautifully and will last for many years, and prong settings mean the stones won’t fall out.

I often wonder what will be the vintage jewellery collectables of the future.  Marks and Spencer jewellery certainly ticks all the right boxes.  Who knows?  I wish I had a crystal ball!

Marks and spencer glass paste rhinestone necklace jewelry

Sparkling flower glass rhinestone necklace by M and S

Marks and spencer glass paste necklace jewelry French Jet pendant

M and S French Jet pendant necklace

Marks and spencer glass paste necklace jewel black french jet jewelry

M and S French Jet choker tassel Gothic necklace

Marks and spencer glass paste necklace pendant jewelry

M and S matte gold tone star burst pendant necklace, with champagne colour glass rhinestones.

Marks and spencer gold tone curb chain bracelet toggle jewellery

M and S gold tone T-bar chunky chain bracelet.

Marks and spencer glass paste necklace jewelry black glass bead facated

Stunning French Jet bead and heavy glass crystal pendant necklace. Glass in costume jewellery is a good sign that it’s of high quality.